Sunday, November 22, 2009

Shockwave meets Alice

Realistic Alice in Wonderland

The following website requires shockwave. Those who have it installed already or are willing to install it can reap the rewards. I hope that one day will be able to provide this service to make learning seforim more realistic and enjoyable.


  1. The problem is resources. That site (British Library), etc who do that sort of thing are huge institutions with correcpondingly huge budgets and have lots of server horsepower. HB runs on a single box paid for using whichever credit card isn't maxed out yet.

  2. There is absolutely no criticism meant here toward HB. I was just hoping that one day HB will have the resources to offer these services.

  3. I didn't take it as critism, just trying to be informative.
    BTW, though there are hundreds of blogs, this has a rare unjudgemental tone, and I hope you get nachas out of it.

  4. Thanks, anon. I take that as a huge compliment, as my primary reason for starting this blog was to see if an uncritical jblog was possible.


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