Thursday, March 31, 2022

Jewish Jubilation: Joyous Journeys V Jingles Jamboree

The long (18 years) awaited Journeys album by Abie Rotenberg has finally been released!

The music is great and the songs are thought-provoking but they don't measure up to the first 3 Journeys albums which were a league of their own.

The genious of Abie Rotenberg is how he always used the right voice for each particular song. On this album he has Shloime Gertner, Lev Tahor, Mordechai Shapiro, Shulem Lemmer, Avraham Fried, Joey Newcomb, Gershon Veroba, Tali Yess and the Maccabeats.

I am puzzled with the Moshe Yess song that he chose, when MY has so many more popular songs.

In any event, it is valuable to add to your Jewish Music collection. Buy it!

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