Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Bashevkin's Bemusings Blast British

Seen in Yated Magazine 15 Sivan 5777 June 9 2017

When I was just a little boy
Years before a zaidy
They used to sing about a bridge
It ended "My Fair Lady"

I'm not sure what the lyrics meant
Nor anyone in town
We were not sure just what they
Meant "The bridge is falling down"

I know that some
May crunch their nose
Is Bashevkin making jokes?
So for the young yeshivashers
Just ask the older folks

Yes "London Bridge is falling down"
As terrorists run wild
And once again the world cares not
Reaction only mild

Of course they say it's horrible
As blood fills up the Thames
With statements, tweets and sound bites
Again the world "condemns"

The vans are plowing on the bridge
And madmen run with knives
And Europe's Western culturals
Are running for their lives

And still they say that our prez
Has not, his mind, set straight
I think they ought to listen
Before it is too late

Manhattan, too, has bridges
In Queens and Brooklyn town
Do you think London's the only place
Where the bridge is falling down?

Meracheim al achzarim
You know what's next for you
Don't think for your sweet gestures
They won't come after you

Keep criticizing Israel
The way they do react
How many bridges will have to fall
Before you see the fact?

Once the world's most powerful
The seat of Europe's throne
And now the terror that they see
Is partially homegrown

Like little kids who prophesy
And don't know what they say
London Bridge is falling down
Oh yes! Has come the day

The lyrics of the silly poem
Remember I do not
But there are some lines
That thankfully I still have not forgot

I never knew
Just what they meant
We sang them anyway
They meant nothing in Sixty-one
But they mean something today!

I don't remember all the rhymes
B"H they left my kup
But one of them still resonates

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