Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Dialogue Disseminates Daring Discourse - Dialogue For Torah Issues & Ideas Volume 7 Summer 5777/2017

Wow. After another long hiatus in publishing, Dialogue 7 has suddenly appeared, in what appears to be a watershed event in Frum publications, akin to the famous OTD issue of the Jewish Observer.

Over half of the issue is dedicated to the complex issue of Child Sex Abuse (CSA).

We have definitely come a long way since a generation ago when no one discussed these matters, or thought that the children should just get over it. Many of the psychologists view CSA as "Murder of the Soul", and explain that children that have drinking problems, suicidal thougths or OTD leanings, are almost as a rule have all been abused. Kudos to Dialogue for dedicating over 100 pages to remedy this situation.

Other articles focus on the Emunah debate. Should one have Emunah Peshuta or should one be able to question and be given satisfactory answers?
Dr. Jonathan Ostroff explains why he dislikes Reuven Shmeltzer's book on Emunah (Peshuta).

Rabbi Eytan Feiner is back with one of his delicious discourses regarding the splitting up of the Makkos into two Parshiyos.

Rabbi David Rosenthal discusses his book on Open Orthodoxy, and shows definitively why it is not Orthodox.

This issue is a MUST read.


A Message to Humanity - Hamashkif

Child Sex Abuse in the Frum Community - An Overview - Rabbi Aharon Lopiansky, et al.

Securing Our Tents, Protecting Our Future - Rabbi Aharon Yoel Sorcher

The Emunah Debate - Rabbi Aharon Feldman

Review of The Heart of Emunah - Jonathan S. Ostroff, Ph.D

The Mitzvah of Emunah and Personal Investigation - Rabbi Jeremy Kagan

Noah and Avraham: Two Levels of Belief - Rabbi Aharon Feldman

The Lure of the Loyal Locusts: The End of the Ten Plagues - Rabbi Eytan Feiner

Derech Eytz HaChaim - Is Ramchal Its Author? - Rabbi Abba Zvi Naiman

Why Open Orthodoxy is not Orthodox - The Aftermath - Rabbi David Rosenthal

Letters to the Editor


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