Thursday, September 24, 2015

"Pepsi" Portrays Penitent Player - The Season of Pepsi Meyers by Abie Rotenberg

Abie Rotenberg has hit it out of the park.

His new novel about a Jewish Yankee baseball star, who is faced with a dilemma of whether to embrace his religion or his passion for baseball, is spiritually uplifting and entertaining at the same time. The quotes from the late great Peter Lawrence Berra (aka Yogi) that begin the chapters are classics and quite apropos. I recommend it for teenagers, as it exposes them to heavy questions about the Jewish religion, answered in simplistic terms. At the same time, one will enjoy Abie's command of the game, in all its technical nuances.

Abie has tantalized his fans for decades, with his haunting melodies and stimulating lyrics on his Journeys and Dvaykus albums.

His song about Yankel was made into a motion picture, with very positive reviews.

Perfect timing, as this is the season for pennants and penance.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Dean Decries Dibarnu Dofi

The most recent edition of Jewish Action has several tributes to Rabbi Aharon Lichtenstein z"l.

One interesting tidbit brought is the fact that RAL was fluent in Shas, and would often times quote the correct Daf from memory.

As part of his humility, RAL mentioned that this "sin", perhaps of haughtiness in quoting the Daf, was already inluded in Viduy, as we say...Dibarnu Dofi.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Lipa Loves Ladies Locks Long

I hear Lipa's point, as the Gemara says in Baba Basra 109B:
讗诪专讛 诇讬讛 讬诇转讗 诇专讘 谞讞诪谉 诪讻讚讬 讻诇 讚讗住专 诇谉 专讞诪谞讗 砖专讗 诇谉 讻讜讜转讬讛 讗住专 诇谉 讚诪讗 砖专讗 诇谉 讻讘讚讗 谞讚讛 讚诐 讟讜讛专 讞诇讘 讘讛诪讛 讞诇讘 讞讬讛 讞讝讬专 诪讜讞讗 讚砖讬讘讜讟讗 讙讬专讜转讗 诇讬砖谞讗 讚讻讜讜专讗 讗砖转 讗讬砖 讙专讜砖讛 讘讞讬讬 讘注诇讛 讗砖转 讗讞 讬讘诪讛 讻讜转讬转 讬驻转 转讗专 讘注讬谞谉 诇诪讬讻诇 讘砖专讗 讘讞诇讘讗
Yet when you are part of a group, one must adhere to the dictates of that group.  The only problem being that if the dictates are too draconian, people leave.

Perhaps he would be taken more seriously if he changed his shirt?
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