Monday, September 7, 2015

Lipa Loves Ladies Locks Long

I hear Lipa's point, as the Gemara says in Baba Basra 109B:
אמרה ליה ילתא לרב נחמן מכדי כל דאסר לן רחמנא שרא לן כוותיה אסר לן דמא שרא לן כבדא נדה דם טוהר חלב בהמה חלב חיה חזיר מוחא דשיבוטא גירותא לישנא דכוורא אשת איש גרושה בחיי בעלה אשת אח יבמה כותית יפת תאר בעינן למיכל בשרא בחלבא
Yet when you are part of a group, one must adhere to the dictates of that group.  The only problem being that if the dictates are too draconian, people leave.

Perhaps he would be taken more seriously if he changed his shirt?


  1. i don't think that the Chazal you shtelled tzu is apropos. Do you mean to say that those millions of kosher Jewish women throughout history who did not/ do not shave their heads are engaging in some find of faux bacon and shrimp and, if yes, what is the "original" that they/ their husbands are getting a taste of?

    OTC head-shaving is a mili d'chasidus/ chumra practiced by some. I would turn the aphorism on its head and say that when it comes to amili d'chasidus/ chumra then כל מה דהיתיר לן רחמנא אסרו החסידים ואנשי מעשה כוותיה

    As for Lipa's second video ... while we may all have been at "dem barg Sina" that hardly makes Torah egalitarian. There was hagbalos and various stations. There were melamdim and talmidim.

    Take a look at this Sidra. The heads and elders were there along with the water-carriers and lumberjacks, but och and vei to the generation in which the lumberjacks decide that , by dint of their presence at mattan Torah that they should do the teaching and the heads and elders should sit quietly in the classroom and listen up.

    1. The tzushtell makes sense, in that Hashem gave a man a wife with lustrous locks, so that he need not stray after the Yefai Toar of today.


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