Monday, January 27, 2014

Irresistible, Immovable, Investigation Imminent - (Super Bowl XLVIII)

People wonder why this blog is only SoMeHoW Frum. Considering that it strives to be LH free, one might feel that ToTaLlY Frum is more apt a moniker.

Yet it is the forays into modern culture, especially the sports posts, that give this blog it's uniqueness.

This week will mark the 48th running of the Super Bowl. Whereas many of these games did not live up to their title, this year's match-up appears to really be super.

The top offensive team, led by the Perfected Primary Passing Peyton, will square off against the top defensive team, led by the Super-Smart Safeguarding Safety Sherman.

Perhaps this will once and for all answer the conundrum of the ages known as the Irresistible Force Paradox. What happens when an Irresistible Force meets an Immovable Force.

Sunday night we should have an answer.


Please note that this blog does not condone watching the SuperBowl. And if you must, at least make use of your (half-)Time.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

iPhone - Is it Indispensable?

Hat Tip: Torah Musing Daily Reyd

Concept and lyrics by: Rabbi Shalom Muskat
Recorded, performed, mixed, and mastered by: Mendy Fisch @ Fischbowl Studios, Brooklyn, NY

link to song

Way back in the stone age,
It wasn’t yet the phone age,
It was two cans and a string
Or you were all a lone-age
But nowadays we call,
All ppl large and small
If you don’t have a cell phone
You are Neanderthal
A cell phones a good start
But why not make it smart,
A phone that has a data plan
And is a work of art
My phone is so elite
The world is at my feet,
My life is now the internet
My life is now complete
Productivity, great efficiency,
Ill save so much time, now that I’m online,
Doing all my needs, at blazing 4G speeds,
Ill save so much time, now that I’m online,
I got my new device, for a gevaldige price,
The buttons are responsive and the screen is really nice.
For an entire day, I scroll and tap and play,
I’ve had 8 chats with Siri boy I cant put it away.
The next three days or four, I browse the itunes store,
I bought a hundred seven apps im buying 40 more.
I’m sure you will agree, this great technology,
Is gonna help me be, at peak efficiency.
The news I heard was great, a new firmware update, I think that ill install it now although its getting late.
And after this new patch, Ill install my apps from scratch,
the fact it took a day of life is such a minor catch.
It took me just a few more days I didn’t wanna fail
But now ive got my google docs and also google mail.
I got my contacts in my phone and also in the cloud,
I’m gonna save such time with that, I’ve never been so proud.
A few things my phone lacks, Ill fix them with some hacks,
I now can send an email to myself, not just a fax.
It only took six weeks, and several hacks and tweaks.
With input and suggestions from a hundred iphone geeks.
I have four thousand facebook friends I take them where I go
And if I have a sip of tea they are the first to know.
I pity all those backwards folks who don’t have facebook walls,
I’m sure it takes them so much time to make four thousand calls.
One day when I was loading apps, one thing led to the next, I emailed talked and tweeted and I sent another text,
I clicked on several videos, I surfed through several sites,
My nights turned into days, my days turned into nights.
One day my siri says to me “You need to get a life”
Are you sure you’re my siri, you sound just like my wife.
You haven’t seen your wifes face now, in over half a year,
Your children think that tatty bought a phone and disappeared.
You’ve really become selfish, think of yourself alone,
And maybe that’s the reason that they call it an Iphone.
I’m gonna help you one last time, my fine, time-saving chap,
I’m downloading for you right now, a great time-saving app.
When you click on this brand new app, your life will be your own,
when you click on this app my friend, it detonates your phone!
My life now is mine,
Now that I’m offline,
Life’s not undermined trying to save time
You can keep those vids, ill take my wife and kids,
Life’s not undermined just to save some time

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Putrid Post Paper Publishes Poop


Despicable. I gave up this rag years ago for the Pritzus, but now I have no reason to ever purchase it again.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Dis-Dressed Dad's Dilemma Depicted

See Blogging Buddy Bray's Judging a Buchir by his cover first.

Derby Doffing Dapper Dude Dates Damsel Dressed Deplorably.
Dis-Dressed Dad Decries Digs, Duds, Decor; Demands Deference.
Dealer Delegates Dilemma, Drastic Depiction.
Darling Daughter's Destiny Doomed.

(picture updated Jan 8 14.)

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