Monday, January 27, 2014

Irresistible, Immovable, Investigation Imminent - (Super Bowl XLVIII)

People wonder why this blog is only SoMeHoW Frum. Considering that it strives to be LH free, one might feel that ToTaLlY Frum is more apt a moniker.

Yet it is the forays into modern culture, especially the sports posts, that give this blog it's uniqueness.

This week will mark the 48th running of the Super Bowl. Whereas many of these games did not live up to their title, this year's match-up appears to really be super.

The top offensive team, led by the Perfected Primary Passing Peyton, will square off against the top defensive team, led by the Super-Smart Safeguarding Safety Sherman.

Perhaps this will once and for all answer the conundrum of the ages known as the Irresistible Force Paradox. What happens when an Irresistible Force meets an Immovable Force.

Sunday night we should have an answer.


Please note that this blog does not condone watching the SuperBowl. And if you must, at least make use of your (half-)Time.


  1. Seattle Seahawks Stop Scoring.
    Denver Defeats Defense Dragnet

  2. Professional Passing Phenomenon Peyton.
    Pace-setting Pocket Protected, Passionate Passer.
    Picture-Perfect Pigskin Projectiles.
    Pilots Playoff Posse. Position. Points.
    Pomp. Parade. Pedestal, Paradise.

  3. Manning legacy mungled,
    By head-linesman call bungled,
    and sacks and pressures by pacific northwest foes,
    who'll leave his heart as broken as his nose,

    Archies most accomplished son,
    will have precious little fun,
    as again he fails to win the big one,

    Elways rigid immobile idea for QB staffing,
    will sustain a thorough thrashing
    and in his church Tebow will be last-laughing

  4. he throws it high and he throws it far,
    but his Seattle counterpart will claim the keys to the car,

    cause it's not about how you play the game,
    but winning NOT losing that wins you acclaim,

  5. The Bray is looking like a Pigskin-Prophet now.

    1. Yup. Looks like people will be talking more about Tebow's performance during the game than Manning's.

  6. The Sherman tanks were the real Crush,
    The Denver offense, turned to mush.
    And Bray's predictions - oh so true.
    How come no one ever listens to you?

  7. maybe if I had a figure like baywatch ,,,


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