Sunday, January 5, 2014

Putrid Post Paper Publishes Poop


Despicable. I gave up this rag years ago for the Pritzus, but now I have no reason to ever purchase it again.


  1. There's been a sudden shift at the NY Post away from pro-Israel and philo-Judaism to an almost palpable anti-semitism.
    When Chacahm Ovadya died garnering one of the biggest funerals in history all they could report was a local politician supporting this "racist" rabbi

    Then they aired Dodelsons dirty linen in public.

    Now Shtarks murder with a banner headline saying , in effect, "he had it coming to him." Completely outrageous.

    They make gratuitous references to the victims religious affiliation (something they'd never dare do ti a Muslim) and the huge front-page pic in full Shabbos regalia was completely over-the-top.

    That said if even 25% of what they reported is truthful then IMO we all need to shut up, distance ourselves from the whole sordid affair, hang and shake our communal heads in shame and quietly whisper "Oy.. ah zah shonda fahr dee Goyim" as our forefathers did.

    1. Do you think it is anti-Semitism or do they just want sensationalism to sell papers? I am surprised that they are so adamant about not apologizing.


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