Friday, August 26, 2011

Borscht Belt Bungalow Bygones - I Remember When II - Catskills Edition

Some of my best memories occurred during various summers spent in the Catskill Mountains. As the summer draws to a close, I compiled a list of memories that will take the reader down memory lane - and hopefully inspire some nostalgic comments.

I remember when

Jamesway, Ames, Shopright, Sullivan's, Great American.
Mom's famous Woodbourne Pizza Knish.
4 corners waterfall and hitch-hiking.
Browns, Pines, Nevele, Raleigh, Homowack, Grossingers.
Kiamesha, Ellenville and Liberty bowling.
GL1-2121 Billboards.
Lucky Dip, Pizza, pool at Woodbourne.
Tomsco Falls.
Moped renting.
Produce and hayride at Taivail Farm, Woodbourne.
Ice Caves Mountain.

Orange County Fair.
Catskill Game Farm.
Apollo Mall.
Farmers Market.
Mountain Fruit.
MBD, Fried, Shlomo Carlebach concerts.
Bears, deer, skunk, raccoons.
Washing machine shortage after the 9 days.
Blueberry picking.
Candle in the bottle for Eicha.

Arts and Crafts.
Shabbos Nachamu.
Mountaindale Lions.
Hakol B'Sefer Schlep it sale.
Cocoa Club.
Mosquito bites.
Color War.
Camp Munk circus.
Canoeing at Morning Side, Liberty, Loch Sheldrake, White Lake.
Old Town Shuls.
Neversink river and reservoir.
Yeshiva South Fallsburgh.

Route 17, 42, 52.
Harris and Ellenville hospitals.
Frogs, toads, salamanders.
Camp Fires Kumzitz.


  1. Howard Johnson's; Madnicks Bakery, Murrays cleaner

  2. Trips were made on school buses, not coach buses. You went there for vacation, you didn't need to take a vacation from your vacation like nowadays.
    You lived in a bungalow, not a mansion.
    You took your film to town for one-hour developing.

  3. Great list. Thank you for posting, so many memories come flooding back. Gut Voch!


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