Tuesday, November 27, 2012

BnaiBrak Banishes Ballistic Barrage

While Bombs were Bursting and Battering, Rav Chaim Kanievsky advised adherents to continue their learning, as Bnai Brak would Be spared the Blitzkrieg that was creating Bedlam elsewhere in the country.

It Baffled many that BB seemed to Bypass the Blow-ups that occurred in surrounding neighborhoods. Yet the Bunker-Breaking-Blasts Belied Belief in that the Torah Learning seemingly did Block Breaches in the city.

Elsewhere in the the Blogosphere, it has been debated whether Chareidim should Bare their Yeshivos in Beer Sheva, and Bring Boys to safer Barracks. If they are true soldiers, should they desert their Battalions in this time of need? Won't learning in the cities at the "Front" not "Back" protect them and their neighbors?

A noble question indeed. Yet perhaps this query could be answered with a second question. What right to the Chareidim have to tell others how to Behave? Why demand Tznius dress to enter their Businesses? Why demand no pig Breeding? Why demand no Banking and Bus-driving on Shabbos?

The answer my Brothers, is that one question answers the other. It may Be that one must make sure that one's surroundings are full of Kedusha. Perhaps the Tumah from a mixed city allows rockets to fall indiscriminately. Only a city that is Totally Torah True, Thwarts the Evil. Bnai Brak may not Be the only city with Tzadikim, But the Reshaim are few and far Between. Can't say the same for Ashdod.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Cyber Cloud Computing Conundrum

Ready or not, Cloud Computing is about to proliferate.

The basic idea of cloud computing is to have your applications run via the World Wide Web, rather than a local server in your company or simply the hard drive of your PC.

In other terms, you will now log into Office 365, a new version of Microsoft Office whereby the application runs "online" and is easily accessible from anywhere in the world that has a WiFi connection. Many other applications will soon follow this same model and be available online.

There are many advantages to this. Small companies will not need the services of an IT Department, as all software version upgrades will now take place outside the company. Backup of files will no longer be the responsibility of the small business, but rather the company providing the Cloud services.

Yet there are some disadvantages, and in my opinion, these disadvantages outweigh the aforementioned benefits. Primarily your data files will now be controlled by others. Additionally, if your internet connectivity is down, you no longer have access to the program.

There have long been concerns with privacy ever since computers invaded our lives. The electronic footprint that one leaves during everyday experiences is mind boggling. Security cameras pick up where you go, EZPass tracks your toll activity, GPS tracks your driving record, computers track your website history, credit cards track your shopping history, libraries track your book/video interests, telecom services track all your personal calls and food stores and pharmacies track your every purchase etc.

What emerges from these realizations, are common themes that have been features many a time on this blog.

First of all, we must really begin to appreciate Shabbos, when all the electronic interruptions are halted for one day a week.

The second thought we must encounter is the realization that the current privacy issues make the thought of GOD so much more real and relevant. Years ago it was unimaginable to understand how all our actions will be held accountable for one day, how we will watch a replay of our lives after 120 years...

Yet the same "cloud" that spies on us, is the same "Anan" that protects us. Once we realize that we have nothing to fear.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Introspection, Insight, Identifying Ills

Our rabbis have taught us that whenever we are faced with tragedy, we should reflect inward. Recent upheavels in our comfortable mode of living is certainly reason to pause and contemplate why we face these "wake-up" calls.

While it is easy to blame unrest on Tznius, LH and other human frailties, no one today has the status of Navi, and hence it is only conjecture as to why these trying times are visited upon us.

It is not for naught that these "once in a century" storms are now taking place bi-annually.

Yet it did not go unnoticed by some that during Hurricane Irene, Hurricane Sandy and the current Gazan escalation, the victims were primarily Frum.

The Frum loss of life in NY during Hurricane Irene was way out of proportion to the public at large. The current 4 victims of the Gazan War were all Orthodox. Hurricane Sandy severely damaged several Jewish communities, along with their Yeshivos. A recent serial killer in Brooklyn has attacked 2 Orthodox storekeepers.

So since I am not a Navi, nor the son of one, I can only surmise that we are doing something wrong. Perhaps the current frenzy of staying constantly connected, rather than just tuning in 3 or 4 times a day is the culprit? I have no other insight other than it seems that our community is being targeted; and only a thorough introspection will convince the Power-That-Be to cease and desist.

Corrected 12:18AM Nov 22.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Bean Barter Buys Bechora/Brocha

Bonded Brothers Brazenly Battle.

Bullets, Ballistics Batter Buildings, Bodies. Broken Bones, Bleeding Bandages.

Bomb Blasts Bombard Barracks.

Barak, Barack Begrudgingly Buffer.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Oh'Bummer: Obamacare Objective Obtained

Republican Romney's Rapid Retreat

Friday, November 2, 2012

Mashiv, Morid - Moisture, Monsoon

We asked for it.

Soon after we began asking for God to make the wind blow and the rain fall - Our prayers were answered.

The Eastern Seaboard of the United States has been hit hard with wind and rain in the form of Hurricane Sandy. Aptly named, the storm wreaked havoc on areas that are not usually prone to high winds and even higher waves.

Landmarks were marked and decimated by this ferocious franken-storm. I find it amazing the realization that air and water, usually life saving medium, can become such a strong force when united. Air and Water can uproot houses and move beaches when heeding the call of their creator.

This is something to ponder, while we wait in gas lines.

Did we pray too hard?

Bellicose Birds Beyond Billion

Is there an APP for that?

App is shorthand for application, and it seems that these days technology is rapidly bringing about the end of days.

The cordless phone has gone from luxury to necessity. The internet is becoming increasingly impossible to live without. Not only in the homes, but some can not live without it even in their pockets.

The Talmud is now literally at the tip of one's fingers. Finding a restaurant or a gas station or any other point of interest is also just a click away. Indeed, we live in historic times.

One news item struck my eyes this week. It seems that 'Angry Birds' has topped the one billion download mark!

Being that scientists conjecture that there are approximately 100 or 200 million birds in the world, it is amazing to realize that there are now more virtual birds than real ones.

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