Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Introspection, Insight, Identifying Ills

Our rabbis have taught us that whenever we are faced with tragedy, we should reflect inward. Recent upheavels in our comfortable mode of living is certainly reason to pause and contemplate why we face these "wake-up" calls.

While it is easy to blame unrest on Tznius, LH and other human frailties, no one today has the status of Navi, and hence it is only conjecture as to why these trying times are visited upon us.

It is not for naught that these "once in a century" storms are now taking place bi-annually.

Yet it did not go unnoticed by some that during Hurricane Irene, Hurricane Sandy and the current Gazan escalation, the victims were primarily Frum.

The Frum loss of life in NY during Hurricane Irene was way out of proportion to the public at large. The current 4 victims of the Gazan War were all Orthodox. Hurricane Sandy severely damaged several Jewish communities, along with their Yeshivos. A recent serial killer in Brooklyn has attacked 2 Orthodox storekeepers.

So since I am not a Navi, nor the son of one, I can only surmise that we are doing something wrong. Perhaps the current frenzy of staying constantly connected, rather than just tuning in 3 or 4 times a day is the culprit? I have no other insight other than it seems that our community is being targeted; and only a thorough introspection will convince the Power-That-Be to cease and desist.

Corrected 12:18AM Nov 22.


  1. Nice post. Though your info regarding Irene is wrong (at least 10 fatalities in NY, many more elsewhere). Also, I wonder what you mean about "once in a century storms" coming bi-annually. Personally I don't ever remember a storm being touted as "once in a century/lifetime" prior to Sandy.

  2. spot on post. I am highly skeptical of the midah-k'neged-midah Divine Mind Readers but it is, no doubt, as are all Tzuris, both a punsihemt for sin and a call to be mesaken same.

    You do of course realize that forwarding the notion of staying constantly connected, rather than just tuning in 3 or 4 times a day is the culprit? is a s speculative as any of the others. At least you kept it humble by adding a question mark.


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