Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Jack, Jacqueline, Jim, John. (SuperBowl Word-Play)

Jack married Jacqueline. They sired John and Jim (James Joseph) Harbaugh.

The chance that 2 brothers end up coaching in the National Football League, let alone one in each conference, and meeting up in the Game of all Games is virtually nil. Yet that is precisely what has happened this year. I wish I knew why.

I also would like to know the significance of why alcoholic beverages need be named after J's.

J & B
Jack and Coke
Jack Daniels
Jack Fizz
Jack Frost
Jackhammer, Jack Daniels and peppermint schnapps
Jack Rabbit
Jack Rose
Jager Barrel
Jager Bomb
Jagos (Vanilla Cream Liquer)
Jal jeera (an Indian spicy cool drink laced with cumin)
Jam Donut (Shot)
Jamaica Rum
Jamaican Rum & Coke
Jameson's whiskey
Janet's Singapore Sling
Japanese Slipper
Jedi Mind Probe

Half Time Show

Jello ShooterS
Jello shots
Jellybean, Grenadine, Sambuca, Galliano
Jenever gin
Jersey Devil
Jet Fuel
Jim Beam
Joan Collins
John Adams
John Collins
John Wayne
Johnny Walker Scotch
Jolly Rancher
Jolly Roger
Jose Cuervo Tequila
Joesph Perrier Champagne
Julep Frappe'
Jummai-shu sake
Jungle Juice
Just Like Romeo

Connecting the SuperBowl with Advertisements, (aren't they one and the same anyway) reminds me of this ad...

_ingle _ells, _ingle _ells, Don't forget the J&B.

Cloud Computing Comes Cheap

Microsoft is giving away free subscriptions to their new Cloud Computing Office 365 suite, in Bryant Park. Anyone who approaches one of their orange clad staff and watches a 2 minute demo and takes a 2 minute online survey, will be provided with a free subscription for a year ($99 value). Bryant Park is located at 42nd street, between 5th and 6th Avenues. Manhattan.

Bryant Park giveaway

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Shidduch Scam Signboard Signed

Several Senior Seers Stop Shidduch Scammers.  R'Shmuel, R'Sorotzkin, R. Schustal, Southfallsburg.... see...

Hat Tip: The Partial View

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Fearless Flatbushers Fight Fraudsters


Rav Avrohom Schorr, Rav Moshe Tuvia Lieff and Rav Yisroel Reisman have had enough of making a mockery out of Judaism. Kudos to them.

See page 7 of this week's Flatbush Jewish Journal

Click on image to enlarge.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Chazzanus/Cantorial Concert Celebration

A Couple of months ago the BarClays Center opened in Brooklyn, and I noted that the same way the other metropolitan Coliseums have been used by our Community for Asifos and the Siyum Hashas, this one would soon follow suit. As noted in  Shabbos 33B...

דיתבי רבי יהודה ורבי יוסי ורבי שמעון ויתיב יהודה בן גרים גבייהו פתח ר' יהודה ואמר כמה נאים מעשיהן של אומה זו תקנו שווקים תקנו גשרים תקנו מרחצאות ר' יוסי שתק נענה רשב"י ואמר כל מה שתקנו לא תקנו אלא לצורך עצמן תקנו שווקין להושיב בהן זונות מרחצאות לעדן בהן עצמן גשרים ליטול מהן מכס

Well, that day has Come sooner than I thought. Itzhak Perlman and Yitzchak Meir Helfgot will Collaborate on February 28 for some Cultural Chassidic Choir/Chorus.

These Capabale Composers will Congregate and Cooperate, Captivate the Crowd with Capella, Curtain Calling Cinematic Cabaret, Culminating in Creating Cash for their Choice Cause.

disClaimer:  I don't mean to Compare or Contrast a Siyum Celebration (or a Concerted effort to rid us of Computers) with a Concerto, but it Could Create a Ciddush Hashem. Certainly Commendable.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Clothes Closets Conundrum Clarified

This past week I happened to catch snippets of a shiur on the radio. I don't know who the speaker was or what the topic was, but the person was comparing our lives to those who lived 100 years ago. The differences were startling.

He noted that there are various sections in Flatbush where the houses are huge, yet the closets are small by comparison. It seems that they were mostly built after the turn of the last century. Yet many wonder, why did they build such huge mansions with little closet space?

The answer is, that years ago people had very little clothing. Most people of the previous generation had two dresses. One for Shabbos and one for weekday. It is difficult for us to imagine how times have changed so much in the last century. People had one pair of shoes, which they wore sparingly to keep them from getting worn out.

If a King wanted to visit the Grand Duke, it would mean 300 miles of bouncing up and down in the royal carriage. Today we can climb into our climate controlled convertible car and conveniently cruise to Cananda in a matter of hours.

Citrus was virtually unheard of for most of the year in Europe. Cantelopes were rarely seen. Yet nowadays, the simplest caterer boasts an assortment of cakes that put the king of yesteryear to shame.

This is aside from the awesome technological advances in air-travel, sound travel and information travel.

Our lives are so pampered, as robots and gadgets and machines to do our work abound. This should leave us more time to contemplate our existence, to figure out why we are here and how we could make the world a better place.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Japan's Juvenile un-Jailed Jews Jubilant

Finally, after an almost five year saga, the three Jailed Jews are all free.

Jacob Joseph Joins his other 2 Jovial comrades in freedom.

Boruch Matir Asurim.

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