Sunday, January 27, 2013

Shidduch Scam Signboard Signed

Several Senior Seers Stop Shidduch Scammers.  R'Shmuel, R'Sorotzkin, R. Schustal, Southfallsburg.... see...

Hat Tip: The Partial View


  1. The Mequbolim will say that none of the signatories has any notion of "the klaineh osiyos".

    What is the greater chesed, letting people know the hard truth and robbing them of all hope or telling them sweet lies and thus, albeit dishonestly, affording them some tiny פתח תקוה ???

    Put another way who is doing the greater avla to desperate people, those who give them hope while parting them from their hard-earned dollars or those who strip them of heir hope in order to leave their wallets intact?

    1. Good question. But Gezel is Gezel.

    2. Actually, to answer your question TBF, the fraudsters are doing both avlas.

      You see, right now people may feel down etc., but they still maintain a sliver of hope. When someone "promises" and "guarantees" relief in the name of Hashem, they become very hopeful. However, when that promise and guarantee is left unfulfilled, they have now not only been robbed of their money. They've been robbed of their sliver of hope. They've been robbed of their trust and belief in Hashem. They've been robbed of their respect for "rabbis".

      So yes, they are much worse off being offered bogus guarantees, as when the guarantee fails, EVERYTHING comes crashing down. That's a hurtful evil.

      I am very greatful to the honest rabbonim for taking this seriously and protecting our emotions, in addition to our hard-earned money. Thank you, and thank You Hashem.

  2. true but perhaps גדולה עברה לשמה. many well-worn paths have been beaten to hell by do-gooders flagging their way with the best of intentions.

  3. Of course, lets mention the fact that there will come many photo-ops, publicity-ventures, attention-bazaars, self-aggrandizement opportunities, and self-promotion ventures regardless of how it may turn out. Talk about עבירה לשמה
    פני הדור כפני הכלב


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