Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Japan's Juvenile un-Jailed Jews Jubilant

Finally, after an almost five year saga, the three Jailed Jews are all free.

Jacob Joseph Joins his other 2 Jovial comrades in freedom.

Boruch Matir Asurim.


  1. don't like thr hrsdline on the Matzav link. The saga is not "closed" until the scoundrel who made these three patsies drug mules is brought to justice.

    Also whats with RYH in the "featured video" space? I clicked on the link and thought I'd see rare footage of one of his Schmuessen instead I get another shiny-shoes-music biy wonder de jour.

    1. Also whats with RYH in the "featured video" space?

      Bait and switched. That annoyed me also.

  2. Once I got over my initial shock and actually listened to about a minute of the clip I figured it out...Boy Wonder is singing a nigin that legend states was composed by RYH.

    it's still bait and switch

  3. Yes, it says so in the subtitle, but still subterfuge in my opinion.

  4. I THANK HASHEM that all of them are finally free!!!!


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