Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Jack, Jacqueline, Jim, John. (SuperBowl Word-Play)

Jack married Jacqueline. They sired John and Jim (James Joseph) Harbaugh.

The chance that 2 brothers end up coaching in the National Football League, let alone one in each conference, and meeting up in the Game of all Games is virtually nil. Yet that is precisely what has happened this year. I wish I knew why.

I also would like to know the significance of why alcoholic beverages need be named after J's.

J & B
Jack and Coke
Jack Daniels
Jack Fizz
Jack Frost
Jackhammer, Jack Daniels and peppermint schnapps
Jack Rabbit
Jack Rose
Jager Barrel
Jager Bomb
Jagos (Vanilla Cream Liquer)
Jal jeera (an Indian spicy cool drink laced with cumin)
Jam Donut (Shot)
Jamaica Rum
Jamaican Rum & Coke
Jameson's whiskey
Janet's Singapore Sling
Japanese Slipper
Jedi Mind Probe

Half Time Show

Jello ShooterS
Jello shots
Jellybean, Grenadine, Sambuca, Galliano
Jenever gin
Jersey Devil
Jet Fuel
Jim Beam
Joan Collins
John Adams
John Collins
John Wayne
Johnny Walker Scotch
Jolly Rancher
Jolly Roger
Jose Cuervo Tequila
Joesph Perrier Champagne
Julep Frappe'
Jummai-shu sake
Jungle Juice
Just Like Romeo

Connecting the SuperBowl with Advertisements, (aren't they one and the same anyway) reminds me of this ad...

_ingle _ells, _ingle _ells, Don't forget the J&B.


  1. Their daughter's name is Joani.

  2. Super! I am Bowled over.

  3. the sound produced by the letter "J" is jimpossible to jenunciate when jinebriated.


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