Monday, January 3, 2022

Where's Walder? Wicked Writer White-Washed

I have taken a hiatus from blogging, yet every now and again some news item strikes my fancy and I question whether to get back to the blog.

What is happening in the Walder case has finally convinced me to jump back in the ring.

For far too long we have protected perpetrators, whether for Tzniyus or other reasons at the expense of the victims. This needs to stop.

Loshon Hora did not kill Walder. He killed himself. Literally.

It is interesting to note, that these allegations go back 25 years. The first Kids Speak book was published in Hebrew in 1993 (28 years ago). In that book, there is a story titled Stay Away From Strangers, in which the protagonist seemingly is abused. Yet she is able to heal because she told her parents her secret.

In a more recent book, People Speak volume IV, there is a story on page 85 (What is Hateful to You) where the upshot is not to go to the press/media with bad news about someone, as that someone might be your close relative.

I wonder if abusers are made, not born, as that is what this "evidence" seems to bear.

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