Sunday, December 20, 2020

Major Magnification Marks Moetzes

Massive Markup Manifests. Many Magnificent Men, Mental Marvels Maximized. Moral Majority Mission. More Masters Multiply.

R Elya Brudny R Hillel David R Aharon Feldman R Yitzchok Feigelstock R Yosef Chaim Frankel (Vyelipol [he] Rebbe) R Aharon Dovid Goldberg R Yaakov Horowitz (Rosh Yeshivas Beis Meir) R Shmuel Kamenetsky R Aryeh Malkiel Kotler R Shlomo Eliyahu Miller R Yerucham Olshin R Yosef Harari Raful R Aaron Schechter R Yitzchok Sorotzkin R Shimon Yehuda Svei

ווי די קריסטן טאָן, דאָס טאָן די יידן

This time we beat them to it. They are talking about packing the court, but we got the jump on them this time.

Sunday, November 29, 2020

Destructive David Dinkins Dead

While the press seems to be lauding David Dinkins as the first and only black mayor of NYC, those who remember the riots/pogrom of 1991 when Dinkins let the natives "vent" for a few days, destroying life and property in Crown Heights, have no such praise. Thankfully, Mayor Rudolf Giuliani unseated him shortly thereafter.

Sunday, November 1, 2020

Joey! (Newcomb) Joyous, Jolly, Jubilant Jewish Jamboree

A new beautiful sound. Following up on his debut album, Joey has released a new album full of hartzigeh niggunim. Down to earth - yet flying high in the shamayim!

Thursday, October 1, 2020

Chumra Can Cure Covid

People are very Machmir about bugs. So why not wear a mask, which will prevent bugs from being accidentally swallowed while walking, running or bicycle riding? If everyone wears a mask for 2 weeks, this virus will be gone. Go ahead and be Machmir!

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Shwekey Seranades, Sings Special Song


On August 9th, President Trump was hosted by the Deal community for a fundraiser. Deal native and singer Yaakov Shwekey was supposed to sing a song for the president, but apparently it got scrapped due to timing contraints. Yisroel Besser updated the lyrics of Shwekey's hit We are a Miracle and retitled it We are America. Below are lyrics for the before and after, along with a video of the song meant for Trump being sung in a camp.

New Lyrics

A nation so diverse, Yet united at its core, Freedom opportunity Allowing us to soar, Its been four great years Four GREAT years And you know don’t you really know You’ve been heaven-sent, Mr President To stand strong, The glory of our history, Our flag its flying high, The promise of our future, We raise our voices high Its been four great years Four GREAT years And you know don’t you really know You’ve been heaven-sent, Mr President To stand strong, We love America We love America May Gd, hear our prayer, sing it loud and clear Cause we love America, – It doesn’t matter where, and it doesn’t matter when, You’ve got this country in your heart To make it great again, Give us four more years Four MORE years Cause you know don’t you really know You’ve been heaven-sent, Mr President To stand strong, – We love America We love America May Gd, hear our prayer, sing it loud and clear Cause we love America, Every day you fight a battle, On the news they try to hide, Your victories, your accomplishments, The way you lead with pride But truth is always stronger, so join us as we sing our song… We love America

Old Lyrics

A nation in the desert We started out as slaves Made it to the motherland, And then came the Crusades It's been so many years Crying so many tears Don't you know, don't you really know? We are pushed to the ground Through our faith we are found Standing strong The Spanish inquisition ...wanted us to bow But our backs aint gonna bend Never then, and never now It's been so many years Crying so many tears Don't you know, don't you really know? We are pushed to the ground Through our faith we are found Standing strong We are a miracle We are a miracle We were chosen with love And embraced from above We are a miracle Extermination was the plan When the devil was a man Ohhh ohhh But the few who carried on Live for millions who are gone It's been so many years crying so…

Friday, July 17, 2020

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Goyta Goyares Glorifies Goya

If it’s Goya, it has to be good!

Liberals want to boycott Goya because the company's president praised our president. Bad precedent!

First Daughter Ivanka Kushner tweeted the above picture, and now sales are hopping!

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Chowing Chulent, Chocolate Calories? Corona Cardiac Cure!

This past week, I went to my first Shalom Zachor and first Kiddush in months.

Thereafter, I realized that there is one good aspect of the Corona Virus. Namely, our eating has become normalized.
For 3 months we did not overeat on Chulent and Cishke, Candy and Coke. All those Craved Calories, that in the past would have increased out girth, were missing in action.


Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Politicians Penetrate, Pierce Padlocked Public Play Parks

Seems like they are done with Corona in Brooklyn, and the Governor has allowed the parks to open but the Mayor still refuses to let the children play. Some fine vigilantes along with public officials have cut the locks and opened various parks in Boro Park and Flatbush.

Hopefully, this will end the hypocrisy allowing thousands to demonstrate racial equality, but keep kids locked up with nothing to do in the summer.

I am not sure what to make of this. OTOH, we should not be teaching children to flout the rules, but OTOH, when the rules become draconian, one must take a stand.

Kudos to Felder, Yaeger and Eichenstein.

Monday, June 8, 2020

Marc's Malkhei Makes Mark - Iggerot Malkhei Rabbanan

Dr. Professor Marc Shapiro has published a most interesting book. It is comprised primarily of Shaalot and Teshuvot, yet unlike all other Shaalot and Teshuvot which feature a posek responding to many various individuals, this one has questions by one man (Prof Shapiro) asked to many different poskim.

Since the author and many of the poskim are contemporary, this makes for some very fascinating reading. Additionally, Prof Shapiro is currently giving lectures with many insights into the background of the questions; and due to Covid-19, these podcasts can be downloaded free from the TIM website.

Monday, May 11, 2020

HebrewBooks Hosts Helmreich's Hearings

In 1982, Professor William Helmreich released his sociological study of the Yeshiva World, entitled The World of the Yeshiva.  The highlight of this work, were the many interviews he conducted with many of the great Roshei Yeshiva of the era (R Schneur Kotler, R Yaakov Perlow, R Yaakov Weinberg, R Elya Svei, R Aharon Schechter, R Osher Kalmanovitz, R Shmuel Berenbaum, R Yaakov Kamenetzky, R Yitzchak Hutner, R Moshe Feinstein, R Gedaliah Schorr, R Mordechai Gifter and R Henoch Leibowitz).  Unfortunately those recordings were lost, but the transcripts are available on  A very worthwhile read.

Professor Helmreich passed away due to Covid-19 complications on March 28 of this year.

Hebrewbooks link

Thursday, April 30, 2020

Nach Nafshei Nasi Novominsk

Baal Achrayos, Rov, Rebbe, Rosh Yeshiva, Agudah, Torah Umesorah, TAG, Ichud, Project Witness, Rosh Moetzes, Baal Midos, Peacemaker, Ehrlich, Baal Mechaber, Brilliant, Writer, Orator.

Monday, March 16, 2020

Contagious Chinese Corona Curtails, Cancels - Celebrations, Courses, Customs

It is amazing that a tiny microscopic virus has been able to accomplish Takkanos that were heretofore unheeded in Jewish life.

Rabbonim had asked that we limit size on weddings, limit the opulent spending and limit elaborate vacations etc.

We didn't listen, and now we are being forced to comply.

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Wise-men Weigh Whether WZO Warrants WWW Win

The age old question of whether to participate in elections for the World Zionist Organization has once again surfaced.

As this is a very delicate topic, the Moetzes has not issued any opinion one way or the other, as there is disagreement as to which course of action to follow. Should we vote and then have a voice, or do we stay away because we don't want to associate with irreligious organizations?
Both sided have legitimate reason as to why they are correct.

It has been reported that R' Chaim Kanievsky supports voting. This is surprising, considering his past vehement opposition to any Zionist controlled entity.

In any event, ask your LOR.

Friday, January 17, 2020

Dialogue Debates Doctor's Doctrines: Dialogue For Torah Issues and Ideas, Fall 5780/2019 Volume 8

There are not that many events that warrant posting on this somewhat defunct blog. I was tempted to emerge out of semi-retirement to comment on the recent Siyum HaShas, but that will wait for another day.

I was pleasantly surprised, however, to see that Dialogue Magazine has been resurrected with the recent publishing of Volume 8.
I haven't had time to completely review it yet, but highlights include an article by R' Aharon Feldman positing that Yo'atzot Halacha is not a positive enterprise, and a review by R' Herschel Grossman of Dr. Marc Shapiro's Limits of Orthodox Theology. It is also nice to see that they have included an article by a female writer.

Perhaps I will have more to write about this once I read the entire periodical.

Yo'atzot Halacha - Are They Good for Jews? Hamashkif - R' Aharon Feldman
The Nebech Apikores by R' Dovid Jaffee
Review of Marc Shapiro's The Limits of Orthodox Theology - R' Herschel Grossman
The Debate over Emunah Education - R' Dovid Sapirman
The Conceptual Journey of a Ba'al Teshuva - Nesanel Yoel Safran
The Doorway to Wisdom - R' Aharon Feldman
Hakafos, Pi and Yichud Hashem - Eli Katz
Suffering, Sin and the Ways of God - R' Yitzchok Oratz
Privacy, Confidentiality and Classified Information - R' Moshe Walter
How to Choose a Kosher Book - Nechama First
Bringing Mesivta High Schools to a Higher Level - R' Yerachmiel Garfield
Letters to the Editor

For some reason, the new volume is not listed on their website (
The address is listed as 85-22 122nd Street, Kew Gardens, NY 11415
Telephone: 909.353.3509

Disclaimer: I am not associated in any way with this magazine.

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