Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Artscroll Achieves Another Addition (Yeshaya)

Artscroll has published Yeshaya, to complement their ongoing Prophets series. This volume joins with Yehoshua/Shoftim, Shmuel I,II and Melachim I,II.

These volumes are beautiful to behold, as a new translation and new typeset of the classic Meforshim is a welcome addition to any library.


Monday, April 22, 2013

Boston Bomber Beasts Bared

Several days after a couple of כפוי טוב Bad Boys unleashed terror in the Boston area, the long arm of the law brought them to justice.

The FBI was able to quickly apprehend the perpetrators, using a myriad of technology and good old fashioned police work.

One of the lessons we learn from this incident is that there is an עין רואה that runs 24x7 and records all our actions.

Living in a מדינה של חסד we sometimes forget to appreciate the saying in פרקי אבות that government enables us to go about our daily lives.

The other lesson that was reenforced was that there really is no anonymity on the net.  You can sit at the keyboard in Atlanta or Yerushayim, in Brooklyn or in Chechnya, in Minneapolis or Los Angeles, if you are too Big for your Britches, you will Be Bared.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Sockpuppet Shocker Stuns 'Sphere

This past week was a sad one for the Jblogosphere, as one of the original bloggers did an expose of a prominent Dayan, accusing him of sock puppeting.

Every generation has its challenges, and the new social media generation that we live in is faced with unprecedented avenues to destroy and enhance one's reputation.

Prominent authors have been accused of writing positive reviews to their works on Amazon, politicians have besmirched their opponents on various blogs, investors have pumped and dumped inflated stocks - and businesses have ruined their competition and raised their own worth using fictitious internet postings.

Aside from the Geneivas Daas aspect, is the M'Dvar Sheker Tirchak. Ethics still counts, no?

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Hamodia Heralds Holy Headlines

Hamodia newspaper has launched a website.

I am very impressed with their website for a number of reasons:

Primarily because of the professional look, but more importantly, because commenting is not allowed.

This is a milestone in Jewish publishing, in that the website looks and functions like any other secular website, minus the glossy pictures and annoying advertisements.

I can understand that TheYeshivaWorld and Matzav rely on advertisements to support their websites, and they rely on the commenting feature to attract and keep subscribers, but kudos are in order to Hamodia for setting a new standard for the Torah Community.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Magnificent Minister: Madame Margaret (Thatcher)

The Iron Lady has fallen.

Growing up in the Ronald Reagan era, it was always comforting to know that there was a woman across the ocean who believed in the Conservative agenda that eventually brought the Cold War to an end.

Margaret Thatcher will be remembered for her staunch support of the United States and Israel.  Additionally, she did not tolerate anti-semitism and nominated many Jewish constituents to her cabinet.

May the likes of her proliferate in the United Kingdom.
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