Saturday, April 9, 2016

Delayed Dialogue Discourses Distributed - Dialogue For Torah Issues and Ideas - Volume 6 Winter 5776/2016

Dialogue I
Dialogue II
Dialogue III
Dialogue IV
Dialogue V

It's been 2 long years since the last issue of Dialogue.

Well, the wait was well worth it.

Rav Aharon Feldman is back with Judaism - The Ultimate Counterculture.

I. The Rabbinate Today

A Framework for Rabbinic Leadership - Rabbi Warren Goldstein
The American Orthodox Rabbinate: Past, Present and Future by Rabbi Yaakov Feitman
Boondocks or Boon? A perspective on Small-Town Rabbonus - Rabbi Yisroel Miller
Learning From Each Other: An experience with Diversity - Rabbi Menachem Zupnick

II. Jewish Thought

Avrohom Avinu and the Akeyda - Rabbi Aharon Feldman
Eliyahu haNavi - Rabbi Osher Chaim Levene

III. Jewish Practice and Belief

Letter of the Law vs. Spirit of the Law - Rabbi Aharon Lopiansky
The Shofet of That Age: Dynamics of Halachic Authority - Rabbi Ze'ev Kraines
Use of Tzedakah Funds for Health Care - Rabbi Shimon Silver
The Beys Din System of Today - Rabbi Ari Marburger
- Addendum by Rabbi Shlomo Miller

IV. Jewish History

Moral Resistance in the Concentration Camps - David Adler

V. Book Review

Review Article: Torah, Chazal and Science - Rabbi Yaakov Menken

VI. Comments and Rejoinders

The Birth of a Schismatic Movement - Rabbi Avrohom Gordimer

Letters to the Editor

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