Saturday, April 9, 2016

Delayed Dialogue Discourses Distributed - Dialogue For Torah Issues and Ideas - Volume 6 Winter 5776/2016

Dialogue I
Dialogue II
Dialogue III
Dialogue IV
Dialogue V

It's been 2 long years since the last issue of Dialogue.

Well, the wait was well worth it.

Rav Aharon Feldman is back with Judaism - The Ultimate Counterculture.

I. The Rabbinate Today

A Framework for Rabbinic Leadership - Rabbi Warren Goldstein
The American Orthodox Rabbinate: Past, Present and Future by Rabbi Yaakov Feitman
Boondocks or Boon? A perspective on Small-Town Rabbonus - Rabbi Yisroel Miller
Learning From Each Other: An experience with Diversity - Rabbi Menachem Zupnick

II. Jewish Thought

Avrohom Avinu and the Akeyda - Rabbi Aharon Feldman
Eliyahu haNavi - Rabbi Osher Chaim Levene

III. Jewish Practice and Belief

Letter of the Law vs. Spirit of the Law - Rabbi Aharon Lopiansky
The Shofet of That Age: Dynamics of Halachic Authority - Rabbi Ze'ev Kraines
Use of Tzedakah Funds for Health Care - Rabbi Shimon Silver
The Beys Din System of Today - Rabbi Ari Marburger
- Addendum by Rabbi Shlomo Miller

IV. Jewish History

Moral Resistance in the Concentration Camps - David Adler

V. Book Review

Review Article: Torah, Chazal and Science - Rabbi Yaakov Menken

VI. Comments and Rejoinders

The Birth of a Schismatic Movement - Rabbi Avrohom Gordimer

Letters to the Editor

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  1. This magazine reminds me of the late Jewish Observer. Articles contrasting the out of town vs. in town experience, articles written by Moetzet members about the current state of affairs in Judaism, articles pointing out the fallacies of the other "branches" of Judaism, articles on the is all in there. I just wish it would come out monthly, rather than yearly or biyearly.


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