Thursday, May 29, 2014

Ford Fingers Finkelman/Fields

In a surprising move, Ford Motor Company has named a Jew as their new CEO, to take over operations of the car giant in July of this year.

This is especially delicious, considering that Old Mr. Ford was an outspoken anti-Semite.

Henry Ford was wrong on many accounts.  He famously declared that customers can have his "Model T" in any color - as long as it is black.

While he may have been a genius in mass producing assembly lines - he was way behind the times in public relations.

I suppose he is turning over in his grave.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Loose Lips Lecha-dodi Lament

One of my personal pleasures of Shabbos, my special Oneg, is Kabbolos Shabbos. I am careful to Daven in a Shul that sings Lecha Dodi to inspiring tunes, that soar through the spires to the heavens.

Unfortunately, now that the summer months are upon us, I have been relocated to other Shuls, as my own Shul Davens early to accommodate families with young children.

It is very disturbing to me, when I am on the cusp of welcoming the Shabbos bride, on the verge of some Spiritual Gas, and I am basking in the serenity of the onset of Shabbos, some table neighbors decide that they must do a "week in review" with their friends.

This talking bothers me, as I try to connect with the Almighty through the medium of congregational song, yet invariably some nincompoop ruins it.

Please allow me the Sounds of Silence!

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