Sunday, June 30, 2013

Holyclock Halts HTTP, HTTPS


Help Hatzoloh Homerun Heroes II

One of the few ways that a Frum Family can afford a night out in a Kosher atmosphere, and help a Tzedaka all while enjoying the breeze coming in from the Atlantic Ocean.


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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

SCOTUS Sanctions Same Sex

It is truly a sad day in the history of the world.

In this world of live and let live, the fact that the Supreme Court has sanctioned SS benefits should seemingly have no effect on us, yet it is another nail in the coffin to this once great land of democracy and morality.

Sedom wasn't destroyed until their Supreme Court sanctioned SS marriage.

Kudos to Agudah and the OU for standing up for ideals in a politically incorrect world.

See TPV and HaMavdil for more.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Tzedakah Tzadik Tries to Take Tower

The owner of the Woolworth Building in lower Manhattan has launched a surprise, against-the-odds bid to buy the Empire State Building for $2 billion in an attempt to head off the landmark tower's planned inclusion as the centerpiece in a new $5 billion public real estate company...

See more at Crains...

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Moisture Malbush Mimics Martian-Men

A Yiddishe Kup is a terrible thing to waste.  And so after years of only hatters and roofers enjoying the Shabbos downpours, has produced a Line of Levush that satisfies the need to keep one's self and one's clothing, particularly the hat, dry, while simultaneously satisfying the halachik stringencies against carrying.

The price is right, and the concept seems good, yet for some reason I just can't seem to get past the clown factor.  I simply laugh inwardly each time I pass a black-clad Martian-Man.  

One day I might succumb, but for now I'll settle with wearing an older hat in inclement weather and replacing my good one when finances allow.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Shmiras Shabbos Sefer Survives - BDE Harav Yehoshua Neuwirth ZTL

Harav Yehoshua Neuwirth, the author of Shmiras Shabbos KiHilchoso, has passed away. The following obit from Hamodia explains how he came to write his monumental work on the Laws of Shabbos. Yehi Zichro Baruch.

For two and a half years they lived in a bunker with nothing but two sefarim, a Gemara Kesubos and a Mishnah Berurah chelek gimmel, and so, they were able to learn only hilchos Shabbos.

In the spring of 1946, Reb Yehoshua joined a group of illegal immigrants traveling to Eretz Yisrael. They were ordered to board the ship in Marseilles, France, on Shabbos, which distressed him to no end. On the other hand, it would have been dangerous to remain alone in a strange place with no money, food or belongings. He boarded the ship, but felt remorseful about it for many years, especially when he learned that the whole boarding on Shabbos was a setup by Shabbos desecrators who wanted the religious group to desecrate Shabbos.

As he boarded the ship that Shabbos, Reb Yehoshua pledged that when he would settle down, he would do something for Shabbos. This pledge was the seed that germinated into the sefer Shemiras Shabbos Kehilchasah.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Demonstration Demonstrates Dueling Daas

The events of the past week have restored my faith in the Halachik process.

Unfortunately, in recent years, it seems as if we have left the Shtetl and joined the global village.

Whereas Psak used to be localized, nowadays we've looked to the great rabbinic leaders of Eretz Yisroel and the diasporic rabbis have fallen in line, none daring to question the leading sages.

The demonstration that took place on Sunday in Manhattan's Foley Square was populated primarily by various Chassidim; and many Litvishe Rabbonim and Rosh Yeshivos joined and urged their followers to attend.  Yet other Litvishe groups were told by their spiritual leaders to stay away. See blogging buddy The Partial View for more details.

It seems that Rav CHAIM Kanievsky was originally supportive of the gathering, yet later issued a retraction (when he was informed that Rav Shteinman opposed it).  As one wit quipped, "Eilu V'eilu Divrei Elokim CHAIM". 

In any event, it is refreshing to see that localized Psak has returned.  Eilu V'eilu Divrei Elokim Chaim.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Ancient American's Answer Awes

As this blog oftentimes focuses on Seforim and Technology, I thought it worthwhile to share a vignette I recently was privileged to hear.

A young child was given an assignment to interview a grandparent. He asked the usual questions, where were you born, where did you live, what was your profession etc.

The final question was "What is something that you did not have as a child that you are now able to enjoy?"

I thought the octogenarian would say the Mobile Phone, or Internet or the like.

The surprising answer, stated in all sincerity was "Artscroll Shas!".

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