Monday, April 15, 2013

Sockpuppet Shocker Stuns 'Sphere

This past week was a sad one for the Jblogosphere, as one of the original bloggers did an expose of a prominent Dayan, accusing him of sock puppeting.

Every generation has its challenges, and the new social media generation that we live in is faced with unprecedented avenues to destroy and enhance one's reputation.

Prominent authors have been accused of writing positive reviews to their works on Amazon, politicians have besmirched their opponents on various blogs, investors have pumped and dumped inflated stocks - and businesses have ruined their competition and raised their own worth using fictitious internet postings.

Aside from the Geneivas Daas aspect, is the M'Dvar Sheker Tirchak. Ethics still counts, no?


  1. Ethics don't count by me. I can't even sock puppet correctly. If I only knew HOW to raise my own worth by using fictitious internet posting I'd do it in a New York minute.

    Then again... I'm not a tenured professor at the Harvard of the South or a Choshen Mishpot Dayan.


  3. Yes. Some of us bloggers could use a little sock-puppetry.


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