Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Chazzanus/Cantorial Concert Celebration

A Couple of months ago the BarClays Center opened in Brooklyn, and I noted that the same way the other metropolitan Coliseums have been used by our Community for Asifos and the Siyum Hashas, this one would soon follow suit. As noted in  Shabbos 33B...

דיתבי רבי יהודה ורבי יוסי ורבי שמעון ויתיב יהודה בן גרים גבייהו פתח ר' יהודה ואמר כמה נאים מעשיהן של אומה זו תקנו שווקים תקנו גשרים תקנו מרחצאות ר' יוסי שתק נענה רשב"י ואמר כל מה שתקנו לא תקנו אלא לצורך עצמן תקנו שווקין להושיב בהן זונות מרחצאות לעדן בהן עצמן גשרים ליטול מהן מכס

Well, that day has Come sooner than I thought. Itzhak Perlman and Yitzchak Meir Helfgot will Collaborate on February 28 for some Cultural Chassidic Choir/Chorus.

These Capabale Composers will Congregate and Cooperate, Captivate the Crowd with Capella, Curtain Calling Cinematic Cabaret, Culminating in Creating Cash for their Choice Cause.

disClaimer:  I don't mean to Compare or Contrast a Siyum Celebration (or a Concerted effort to rid us of Computers) with a Concerto, but it Could Create a Ciddush Hashem. Certainly Commendable.


  1. Replies
    1. Don't know. Never been there. But judging on the other pop stars who have graced it's walls, I would assume it is A-OK.

  2. Ahhh, Chazzanus... once upon a time, Tremendous Throngs Trafficked the - Clerical Citadels Conversely Cheering Cantorial Concertos. Efsher you'll post the great Rosenblatt's קרוץ מחומר in honor of next week[s Torah reading?

    1. Wrong blog for that. Try


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