Friday, November 2, 2012

Bellicose Birds Beyond Billion

Is there an APP for that?

App is shorthand for application, and it seems that these days technology is rapidly bringing about the end of days.

The cordless phone has gone from luxury to necessity. The internet is becoming increasingly impossible to live without. Not only in the homes, but some can not live without it even in their pockets.

The Talmud is now literally at the tip of one's fingers. Finding a restaurant or a gas station or any other point of interest is also just a click away. Indeed, we live in historic times.

One news item struck my eyes this week. It seems that 'Angry Birds' has topped the one billion download mark!

Being that scientists conjecture that there are approximately 100 or 200 million birds in the world, it is amazing to realize that there are now more virtual birds than real ones.

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