Monday, October 22, 2012

BaseBall - Battling Batting, Bottling, B’attaling

And so the mighty New York Yankees have fallen. The team that led the league in Homeruns was swept out of the ALCS in four quick games. Aside from one aberrant inning, the Yankees set all kinds of records – but this time it was for lack of, rather than an abundance of, SWAT.

God certainly has a fine sense of humor. Who could have predicted that they would bench their 100 million dollar man? Who could have predicted that a recent acquiree would Belt several homeruns to keep them on a lifeline – for some time?

The lesson learned here is not to put your faith in Man; Not to waste your time on an entire season that goes up so quickly in smoke. Imagine if all the Yarmulka clad fans would spend the three hours of game time on the Daf. Imagine no Battalah, no beer bottling bellied bozos?

Imagine that!


  1. Suave Sliders and Swift Slinging Northpaws Stifle Sultanate of Swat.

    Money can't buy me glove or, for that matter, bat.

  2. Team sports fandom is good for the Jews but not BY the Jews.

    I'm firmly convinced that absent the vicarious outlet for aggression furnished by rooting for these modern day gladiators (especially the NFL)there would be even more violence in this country than already exists.

  3. Great comments, Bray.

    Money HAS Bought Bat. Now they are paying for it!

    And I suppose their is no way to know for sure whether the chicken came before the egg regarding the gladiators.

  4. Sandoval succeeds A-Rod as Series Sultan of Swat

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