Thursday, October 18, 2012

Bright Blue Brakes Better

It has been some time since I've posted. Yom Tov gives one the opportunity to rejuvenate and refresh mind and body.

It has been related to me, that before Rav Yitzchak Hutner ZTL would deliver his famous Yom Tov Maamorim (discourses), he would sometimes spend days in thought; until he developed his ideas and theories to completion.

So many various ideas entered my head during Chol Hamoed, but sadly they became a Davar HaAvud as I neglected to jot them down.

Yet one thought was thinked and thunked to fruition, and I'd like to hear your comments as to why this has never been implemented.

My idea is that motorized vehicles should have a different colored light that would ignite when one steps on the brake. Currently, the tail-lights and brake lights in cars world-wide are always red. Yet this sometimes could fool a driver into thinking that the car in front of him has not stepped on the brake, when in fact he has.

Why not designate a different color specifically for braking? I suggest blue, as blue and red are colors that are used by law enforcement to be noticed at night.

I don't have a satisfactory answer. Perhaps Gridlock Sam Schwartz could use his Talmudic reasoning to either explain why this is not a good idea, or better yet, have this idea standardized globally.


  1. Please revise the post and excise the Rav Hutner simile. There is something Havdala-Oblivious about comparing your idea for improving traffic safety to the sublime and transcendent Torah thought s of one of the last centuries seminal Jewish Thinkers.

    That said your idea is a good one.

  2. PS I tried on both chrome and firefox but cannot see the pic in the post

  3. I like the simile, although you are probably correct that it is not an appropriate comparison here. Lehavdil. I probably came up with this thought in an inspirational moment, rather than a concerted effort to develop a concept and see it to completion.

    Your recent post, OTOH, is more worthy of such accolade. I would recommend that you collect your posts and publish them in book form, but based on previous blogger's attempts to turn author, I would caution against.

    The picture shows up fine in my browsers. Perhaps your video card needs a tune up.

  4. please email me the URL for the picture. I don't know how to tune up nor how to oil change my video card.

  5. I've seen some mighty fine ideas on this blog over the years. You should find an agent to publicise ...

  6. Mazal Tov on your bloggiversary! I see that yesterday marks 3 years. Congratualtions and may you blog Lahashon Horaah free for many years to come.


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