Monday, September 24, 2012

Google, GoDaddy Generate God-fearingness

During these interim days of reflection, it is worthy to contemplate how much the world has changed in recent years.

The internet has changed everything. The mobile phone has changed everything. And now that the internet is available on the mobile phone - well, you guessed it - everything is changed.

Yet as pointed out in my very first post, technology points to God in so many ways. Whereas years ago it was unfathomable how one could track all of someone's actions, it is abundantly clear nowadays that there is an eye that sees, an ear that hears and a hand that writes down all our deeds.

The security camera is now everywhere. Texting records all our thoughts on a written record. GPS and EZPass track our every move.

I've noted in the past how Google and God begin with the same two letters. So does Go-Daddy. Coincidence?


  1. Coincidence?
    Nah..Hashgacha Protis.

    "Coin" and "Coincidence" begin with the same four filthy letters. Coincidence? Nah..Hashgacha Protis. Because the love of money and the love of מקרא הוא זה are the roots of all evils.

  2. I would say paper money is filthy. But coin lucre? Wash it away with the sins during repentence season.

    Welcome back. Now that Yom Tov is over and I know I still have readers, I will try to get back to posting.


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