Thursday, September 13, 2012

Barclays Brings Brooklyn Basketball

Not since 1957 has Brooklyn Been home to Professional Sports. Many of our parents remember Ebbets field in the Flatbush section of Brooklyn. Yet the Dodgers went to La La Land, and the Borough has remained Sports-rein ever since.

Enter Bruce Ratner, a real estate mogul who has been relentless in his drive to Bring Back Boys of Summer (or Fall or Winter) to Brooklyn.

In the downtown section of the Borough, Bruce has Built a Ball-park designed By Becket's Architecture Firm worthy of hosting Boxing, Basketball, Brass-Bands and Bar and Bas-Mitzvahs.

Brighton Beachers and Boro-parkers will need only hop on a train to Be Bedazzled By Blocks, Breakaways and Baseline Buzzer Beater Buckets.

Backstreet Boys will Befriend Bad Behaviored Betters who Believe that Beer Bellied Boasting Brooklynites are Best.

Amid the Brownstones of Broadway, Bob Dylan and Barbara Streisand will join with Barnum and Bailey's Brothers Circus to entertain the 2.5 million residents who will no longer need to drive the BQE, But will Be able to take the B line or the Bus and make a Bee-line to this centrally located Building.

But the real Benefit of this Barclays Bank Briyah will be to serve the overflow crowds that will flock to MetLife Stadium, CitiField etc. for the Siyum Hashas of 2019.

Bravo Bruce!


  1. Fact Check:

    The boro of Brooklyn has had a professional sports team since the Class A affiliate of the New York Metropolitans, the Brooklyn Cyclones invaded the Boro about a decade ago into what was then called KeySpan park. It has just lacked a major league team. Whether the woeful Nets qualify as one remains to be seen.

  2. Net loss of Net Basketball club as nattering Nabobs of negativism no-show nightly. Narcissistic Neighbors nearly null near sidelines. Now then...Non-fans nay-say nokh und nokh.

  3. I don't know who else but you can turn the Nets arrival in Brooklyn into a Jewish post.


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