Friday, August 5, 2011

Reminiscing Remembering Reminding Reflecting

These dog days of summer invariably lead one to reflect on the destruction of the Beis HaMikdosh. These are the days when tragedy crouches around the corner, waiting to rear it's ugly head.

Unfortunately, this year the beast was unleashed early. Chazal say that when destruction is visited upon us, we need to reflect on our deeds. While no one really knows what cause effects which affect, we can certainly speculate.

In my popular I remember when post, readers and I lamented on how simple life was years ago. One could drink orange juice made from concentrate, one could drive a yeshivishe car and one could attend Yeshiva Gedolah outside of Lakewood and still get married. One could even dwell in a bungalow with no telephone for 10 weeks.

Children did not get debilitating diseases and die, Jews did not molest and kill and no one felt the need to install security cameras. Meeting a Jew with a Yarmulka meant you were doing business with someone trustworthy.

Yet, as if to fulfill some macabre [deleted] dream, we have sadly tried to become a nation like all others. Perhaps we need to do a little more Avodas HaLev and make ourselves aware of our innate-difference so that our beacon once more shines on the other nations of the world and subsequently - ourselves.


  1. Timely. Nice way of saying we should shape up.

  2. Relevant. Rational. Radiant.

  3. Good post. I'll blog it. But the "Zionistic" in the last paragraph mars it. Would be appropriate in other blogs (including mine), but not yours. What you should write instead is "some macabre Bialikian dream" and cite Bialik's statement from some source such as

  4. You are right. I will remove the possibly offensive statement.

  5. >An attempt at "Loshon Hora Free" blogging

    ---am guessing there was a zionist 'anti' remark here...

    interesting that loshon hora free [ ie haredi ] entities halachically can gore anyone else's ox under the guise of it's a mitzva to be meva'er evil from the world; yet when anyone pokes a finger in their direction , it's sinah which keeps the bais hamikdash burnt...

    woe, to be non-haredi means that different halacha gets applied to you, since you and yours are definitionally wrong.....

  6. Anon, this blog is an attempt; I am not always successful.


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