Monday, November 9, 2009

Mechaye Hameisim, YouTube, Internet and Time

Part of the beauty of this whole internet thing is the many YouTube video clips. In researching the previous post, I was amazed at the amount of video that was lying dormant all these years and has now been resurrected for the world to enjoy.

While some people post the video clips to earn their five minutes of fame, some are doing this totally Letoeles Harabim.

All those concerts of the great stars of yesteryear are now a click away. While viewing concerts years ago was offset by affordability, travel and time, nowadays the only impediment is time. This certainly is reason to pause and reflect on finding better uses for one’s time.

“How To” clips abound which can teach you how to change a radiator on a ’56 Chevy or how to play a musical instrument.

But my favorite part of the video revolution is the Mechaye Hameisim aspect. Dead people coming to life. The giants of yesteryear are suddenly alive; walking, speaking and gesturing. One can view the great rabbinic scholars of Jerusalem. One can view the great Chassidic Masters and their courts in pre-war Europe.

As the end of days looms closer and closer, let us pause and reflect on how our generation is privileged to live in the past in addition to the present. Let us use our time wisely as we step into the future.

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