Friday, November 13, 2009

Catch 22

A great dilemma exists when opening a blog. Do you post your best ideas while you are still a freshman, or do you wait until the readership expands?

On another note, the masthead has been updated to reflect the policy of this blog which endeavors to discuss Jewish ideas and the Internet, while avoiding derogatory talk about either.


  1. my blessing to you is that halevai you should have this dilemma.

  2. please forgive that prior nasty comment but...
    A. Some nisyonos are too great to resist and
    B. Abused bloggers often grow up to be abusive ones and as you well know they have my picture on the Wiki page of "abused blogger" LOL.

    On a sem-iserious note you ought to post your very best stuff IMMEDIATELY!
    A. Because I am impatient and as your steadiest reader and commneter my vote should count more than any twenty casula clickers
    B. In this chicken and egg quandry the best way to expand readership is to give them high quality posts NOW to whet their appetite for more. Once you are gratified with higher readership and positive feedback your creative juices will flow freely and you'll come up with even better posts than your current best!

    Zug Umain...kein yehhe rutzoin!

  3. אמרו לו אדונינו המלך עמך ישראל צריכין פרנסה אמר להם לכו והתפרנסו זה מזה אמרו לו אין הקומץ משביע את הארי ואין הבור מתמלא מחוליתו

    This Gemara can explain how 2 bloggers can keep each other in business. :-)


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