Monday, November 16, 2009

Mechaye Hameisim, YouTube and Internet II

Lifeofrubin Blog
has discovered some beautiful video of The London School of Jewish Song back in the Glasnost era. It is a real pleasure to behold a young Yigal Calek, large eyeglasses and a real piano (remember the days before keyboards?) in the BBC studio. Baruch Mechaye Hameisim is what I say whenever I come across wonderful memories of yesteryear.

Who can forget Moshe Yess and Zeidy? Art Raymond (a WEVD radio personality who had a Jewish Music Show in the days before Nachum Segal) said that this was the most requested song of his era. Zeidy

But I still await daily for the show of all shows, Moshiach to arrive and bring us home. I will then watch the events unfold on my Dick Tracy watch.

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