Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Internet Parenting Resource

I have discovered another wonderful web resource that I’d like to share. Doctor Sorotzkin These lectures and essays are must reading for today’s parents. Please download and import to your IPODS.

My favorite story is told by DS about 2 identical twins that were adopted by different families. Psychologists studying Nature vs. Nurture visited both sets of parents. Mother “A” complained how difficult mealtime was. “She makes us put cinnamon on her cottage cheese, cinnamon on her bread, cinnamon on her meatballs! She is a very difficult child”. Mother “B” said that her child was a dream child, she has no problems with her. So they asked her, “What about mealtime”? “Oh, not a problem at all, just put cinnamon on her food and she’ll eat anything”!

DS explains that this is why parenting classes usually fail. Parenting classes teach techniques, but it is ATTITUDE that makes all the difference.

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