Friday, January 8, 2010

Snow Days, Yeshiva, Bais Yaakov and the Internet

I recall the wonderful wintry days of my youth, watching the soft snowflakes drop, creating the brilliant white wonderland that we relished to play in. We’d warm ourselves by the radiator, watching in awe as the great white playground was slowly created to perfection.

Part of this ritual was turning on the radio, listening to the never ending list of school closings, hoping to hear the name of our institution. Then on came the outer-gear, as we braved the elements to enjoy a day of sledding, snowman building and snowball throwing.

Today, we are more sophisticated. We now have the INFO-LINE, where the administration can leave a recorded message announcing the delayed opening or full closure of the school. Unfortunately, these INFO-LINES are more often than not, busy, as they are servicing the entire school’s population.

My simple idea would be for each school to set up a free blog where this same information can be uploaded, then viewed by many simultaneously. I can understand the hesitancy on part of the schools to use the internet, or in any way put their imprimatur on it, but sooner or later, it will happen.

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  1. The last time an unofficial yeshiva social blog opened, it shortly thereafter morphed into a full blown Yeshiva World News network.

    But this is a very good idea. Please bring it up at the next Moetzes convention.


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