Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Entire Torah in your Hand - Hebrewbooks.org

I see that hebrewbooks.org
has begun selling an external plug-n-play miniature hard drive pre-loaded with over 40,000 seforim for $100, available in local seforim stores.

I assume the price is for the cost of the hardware, as the seforim are all free, available for download on their website. Of course it will take quite some time to download 40,000 PDF's.

This will be an invaluable resource for those who have a computer but do not wish to be connected to the internet.

If you are a Rosh Kollel, this offer is available for free. See this previous post.
free offer from hebrewbooks.org

UPDATE: This offer is no longer valid

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  1. Does anyone know if one can update new listings if you buy the Hard Drive? Does it come with software to do all the searches available at the website?


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