Monday, January 25, 2010

The Mouse or the Hole

"It is not the mouse (that steals the food) that is the thief, but rather the hole (where the mouse can hide) that is the thief" (Gittin 45a).

What does this have to do with Jewish blogging?

It seems to me that many jbloggers post on controversial topics, and when the commenters post Loshon Hora, they claim that THEY did not post the Loshon Hora. In my opinion, there may be a Lifnay Iver issue.

Admirable is the blog that does not accept comments. Rabbi Dr. Marvin Schick Esq. runs such a blog.
I am gratified to see that FKM
has undergone Mechaye Hameisim and is posting once again, albeit without comments. Although I don’t always see things the way he does, it is refreshing to have a voice emanating from the wilderness, balancing out the jblogosphere.

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  1. Are there any mainstream jblogs that do not allow comments?


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