Monday, January 11, 2010

Badei HaShulchan

To be a Rabbi years ago, one needed to know Shas and Shulchan Aruch. Nowadays, so the saying goes, one need only be proficient in the laws of Kashrus, Nidah and Aveilus.

So I was gratified to see the publishing of the newest volume of Badei HaShulchan on Hilchos Aveilus. The first volumes of Badei HaShulchan were published in 1980/1982 on Hilchos Nidah/Tevilah. The laws of Basar B’Chalav and Taaruvos were published in 1999 through 2001, and now the laws of Aveilus, first part published in 2006, were just completed, marking the end of the trilogy.

It seems that it takes 10 years of study to complete one of these works. Congratulations to Rabbi Shraga Feivel Cohen on this monumental feat.

Updated and corrected 01/26/10


  1. What about Orach Chaim, Halachot of Shabbat? I am told that a modern day rabbi must have this knowledge.

  2. True. One man can't do it all. One of his sons also publishes similar "mishna berura" style seforim.


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