Sunday, October 6, 2013

Viral Video Validates Values

A recent video that is running rampant on the web seemingly pokes fun at the Chassidic Rebbe who is distributing apples to his followers.

While I was initially taken aback, I think that perhaps there is merit for such behavior.

I recall the famous story of the holocaust survivor who complained to his Rebbe that he can't pray to G-d anymore, since while in the Concentration Camps, there were Jews who charged others for use of a precious Siddur. Replied the Rebbe, why focus on the fellow who charged? Why not focus on all those Heilege Yiddin who were willing to give up their food rations to be able to pray!

By the same token, we can be Dan LeKaf Zechut in the above video. Let us focus on how some Chassidim try to cleave to their spiritual mentor. while in my opinion they may be overzealous, at least they are not fighting over the apples, just going overboard in trying to retrieve them. Lehavdil, many adults at baseball games are overzealous in trying to catch foul balls, and oftentimes resort to fist fights.

And unlike a baseball, an apple can be eaten.

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  1. At least there is one site that has a positive spin on things.


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