Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Hoodied Hoods Hoodwink Hashem?

This blog oftentimes focuses on the changing effect of technology on our lives.

One drastic change has been the security camera. Up to a decade ago, the security camera was only for the rich and famous, or businesses. Today, one can hardly go anywhere without his/her actions and movements being recorded.

This is a tremendous development for law enforcement, as events can be recreated and prosecution is now much simpler.

Perpetrators now must worry that their actions will be recorded for prosecution.

Yet we who know that Hashem is always watching, fear not the camera. We fear the Lord.

And although Hoodied Hoods may Hoodwink those in the 'Hood, (and sit down to a beer with the president), they will not fool the Master of the World.

הודו להי כי טוב


  1. Well actually we should fear both the camera and HaShem. We should fear Him because of His perfect justice and we should fear the camera because of humanity's imperfect injustice.

    1. Point is, those who fear Hashem, fear not the camera.


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