Sunday, October 13, 2013

Beyond BT Buttresses Blogroll has been around for eight years, which is a lifetime in the blogger community.

We founded Beyond BT in December 2005, with the goal of helping second stage Baalei Teshuva, those who’ve already made a commitment to a Torah centered life. With the help of our contributors and commentors over the years, we’ve published over 1,800 posts and 29,000 comments on issues of integration and spiritual growth.

While the posts generally do not cater to me, as they are geared toward Baalei Teshuva, they've recently added a column on the Parsha which "Plumbs the Depths of the Izhbitzer School". These Divrei Torah, adapted by one Rabbi Dovid Schwartz are worthwhile, as they require one to think. Additionally, the beautiful and rich translations, in a superb flowing and flowery English, are a pleasure to behold.


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