Monday, September 2, 2013

Tim Tebow Tweets Thanks

The experiment seems to have failed. Tim Tebow has in all probability seen his last NFL game.

I was impressed how he came into the league and did not shy away from his religious beliefs, and I am even more impressed how he has gone. With dignity and Tweets of thanks to those who gave him chance after chance.

As Rosh Hashana is once again upon us, may we learn these lessons of humility; and remember to give thanks to the Sustainer of all Mankind, who gives us chance after chance.


  1. I guess that means that if i can't realize my dream of doing T'shuva M'Ahava here that I should consider moving to Canada. ;-)

  2. Yoyr bringing rayos from bible-Thumpimg , navee sheker-believing, trinity -worshipping Tebow????Whatever happened to תורה בגוי-ים אל תאמין?

    1. I would have been more careful, if I had known you still roam the internet. I remember you didn't appreciate the first Tebow post either.


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