Monday, September 9, 2013

(Shlomo/Steve) Zakheim ZT"L's Zillion Zechusim

On Rosh Hashana, Shlomo (Steve) Zakheim passed away.

The lineup of speaker's at his Levaya was impressive, as was the stately lineup of ambulances outside Shomrei Hadas Chapels on 14th Avenue. It resembled a hero cop's funeral, only this time the parade was made up of Hatzoloh ambulances from every locale, rather than police cars.

Shlomo was a trailblazer. He was the first paramedic in Flatbush Hatzoloh, paving the way for the many paramedics today. Who knows how many lives were saved because of these medics? It was noted that his handle, F-32 is Gematria Lev. Shlomo had a huge heart.

Shlomo was heavily supportive of Camp Simcha, and had a huge hand in starting it. Yet he shied away from recognition, and the children at camp only knew of him when he came to give them helicopter rides.

He paid for countless people to have medical operations when they couldn't afford it, all this was done in a way that nobody would know about it.

He maintained his own Make-A-Wish foundation, transporting sick children all over the world to enjoy vacations that were otherwise impossible.

He cared for all the poor, jobless, childless, jailed, orphans, widows etc. It was mentioned that his sole reason for trying to buy Peninsula Hospital was to give hundreds of people jobs.

He became a Mohel and travelled the world giving Brissim to those in need.

He went to Haiti when they had a big earthquake, he went to Sderot, he was active at the World Trade Center tragedy.

There is so much more that nobody knows about, but that is because he wanted it that way.

Perhaps the most startling piece of information I gleaned from attending his Levaya was the fact that he got up every day at the same time. 6:13 a.m.

Yehi Zichro Boruch.


  1. Sounds to me like Artscroll has another subject for a Shloime Gross AH -Godol in Chesed Biography

    1. So be it. At least those who can't learn 24x7 will have someone to emulate.

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  3. I removed the previous comment in that we try to keep this blog on a higher standard.


  4. Fair enough.
    Hagiography is not necessarily a higher standard.

  5. I don't believe in hagiography, but this blog is an exercise in "LH free" and I'd like to keep it that way. Thanks for your understanding.


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