Sunday, September 15, 2013

Bat Boy? Ball Bochur? Be Bigger!

Seems that the Yarmulka is making inroads into professions that were heretofore unknownst to Orthodox Jewish children.

Hat Tips: RYGB, Torah Musings Daily Reyd.

ball boy

bat boy

What bothers me is that people are striving to be a "sideshow".

Why not "Be all that you can Be"?

Would you rather be the Besht or a Bahelfer?
Do you want to be a Bat Boy or the Babe?
Do you strive to be a Ball Boy or Bjorn Borg?

When I was in Yeshiva, I asked my Rosh Yeshiva if I can take some time off to visit Eretz Yisroel. He asked why, and I replied that I wanted to see the Gedolim. To which he responded "Become a Godol yourself!"

Rabbi Shlomo Freifeld used to admonish his Talmidim to "Be Big!"


  1. Become Bnei Braq Bavliist.

    1. Better Become Brooklyn Barclays BasketBall Baseline Buzzer Beating Bucket Ballplayer.

  2. At least the marines are true heroes ...not like sports , ahem, heroes

    Besides the marines hold by Oorah.

    1. Interesant. I didn't know that. I wonder if our Lakewood Kiruv friends are aware of this.

  3. Today most people fulfill Rav Shlomo's mandate by overeating. Then they must shop in the BIG and tall shops

    1. I knew I could count on you, Bray. Few others could appreciate this post.

  4. Aw shucks.

    Perhaps if more would read more would appreciate ;-)
    Zis ist vhy I baseikel have oifgehert posting


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