Friday, June 1, 2012

Tallis, Tefillin, Tefillah, Tehillim

There are those who mock the actions Chareidim take in the time of need. It is difficult for them to rationalize how spritual prayer can have an affect on the physical body.

Yet not so long ago, there were calls on various news sites to Daven for Rav Eliashiv, Rav Matisyahu Salomon and Rav Y. Belsky.

Rav Eliashiv has been reported to be doing better, Rav Matisyahu's hospital stay was quick, and now Rav Belsky has been released from 3 months of "hospitality".

In addition to the Tallis, Tefillah, Tefillin and Tehillim, I wonder if Rav Belsky was zoche to have his body repaired in the merit of his teaching about Hilchos Treifos for so many years?


  1. such speculation will only be solved after 120...if then!

  2. Bray, you have nothing to say about this record sleeve?

  3. 1. Shlomo HaMelekh d'Heikhal HaNeginah is in the world of truth and knows the truth.

    2. Horrible reproduction of the record cover, I'd have thought that someone as Tech saavy and LH avoiding as u could have done better

    3. After the Asifa not only do I have no eyes to see (and touch with) I have no eyes to cry (and touch with)

  4. Sorry about my attempt at giving credit to a fine record cover. Couldn't find a better picture. Not sure though, where LH plays a role.

    I'm sure Shlomo is singing with Eldad and the other 6 million in heaven.

    You don't need eyes. All you need are ears to heed Rav Wosner's psak.

  5. You know Shlomo's blessing for Shmiras Eynayim?

  6. A Yeshivisha fellow, mocking his liberal fraternizing with those of the non-male gender, asked mockingly:

    "Reb Shloima, Please give me a brokha for Shemiras Eynayim"

    Shlomos answer:

    "I want to bless you that you should mamish have deep and holy eyes that can't see any bad in any Jew!"

  7. >All you need are ears to heed Rav Wosner's psak.

    when you have ears to listen you must also have a mouth to speak
    אָזְנַיִם, כָּרִיתָ לִּי שְׂפָתַי יְשַׁבְּחוּנְךָי
    (OK i made that posuk up, but it kind of sounds authentic)

  8. SoMeHoW, I truly thought better of you. You do know that speculation like this never fails. Because when we point out the stories where the tefillos "didn't" work (the way you presume that they should), we then faithfully say things like bahdi kavshi d'rachmana lammah li. So that's what I tell you now; very disingenuous.
    Oh, and BoF, I promise you that when Moshiach is coming, you will be the first to see him

  9. StamADeyah, I hear you.

    I am well aware of many times when Tefilla is answered with a no, but I did want to comment on the fact that the Klal was asked to Daven for 3 people that are prominent in the Kahal, and 2 of 3 are out of the hospital, and one did not have a very good prognosis to start with.

    As one who can spell my name correctly, you are welcome here anytime.


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