Tuesday, June 19, 2012

CubAN, CoreAN CANs CANned - Coca-Cola CompANy

This interesting tidbit was recently newsworthy.

Coca-Cola Announces  it Will Return to Myanmar After 60 Years...

Coca-Cola has grown from selling nine drinks a day in a single country in 1886 to distributing 1.8 billion beverages in more than 200 nations, according to data posted on its website. Myanmar, Cuba and North Korea are the only countries where Coca- Cola doesn’t operate, the company said yesterday. Coca-Cola says the 1971-vintage advertisement entitled “I’d Like to Buy the World a Coke” remains one of its most popular.

It seems that there are only 2 places left in the world where one can not enjoy a coke.  This reminds me of the oft repeated joke that one fellow travelled the world  and always found 2 things: Chabad and Coke.

It is interesting that Castro's Cuba and Korea's Kim are the last holdouts against the pervasive monopolizing "Capitalist Conglomerates".

Yet this is one case in particular where their ignoble intention nevertheless benefits their Complying Citizens. Giving them a healthier, Clearer Complexion.

Elsewhere in the news, Mayor Michael is looking to ban Coke's Calories.  Coffee's Caffeine may be next.


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