Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Vacillating Vigil Vindicates Voting

When one is young we are taught the Value of each Vote. Many a pundit has declared that your vote doesn't count. Yet the recent special election in Brooklyn has basically disproven that wisdom. According to some, just one vote now separates the Victor from the Victim in the Storobin/Fidler contest.

Brooklyn Daily.

Politicos said another recount would be the most likely outcome — and marveled at the unusually close results.

“This is the closest race that I’ve seen in 25 years,” said Sheepshead Bay Democratic District Leader Michael Geller. “This is going to drag on for a while.”

Councilman Mike Nelson (D–Sheepshead Bay) agreed.

“This is a major surprise,” he said. “It’s the best example that every vote counts.”

So as the Vile Vagrants Verify Victory, as Vitriol Vanquishes Venerated Verdict, as Vast Volumes Virtually Vanish, as Viscious Vibrations Vacates Vantages - Valiant Visionaries Vil Vin!

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