Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Arena Asifa Against Arpanet

Many blogs have been gloating against what they perceive to be a backtrack of the powers that be with regard to internet usage.

Years ago, when the Arpanet project gradually expanded into the World Wide Web, Rabbonim began to get flooded with complaints of addiction and improper usage of this wonderful tool. Some children who became addicted left the fold, and some parents had their Shalom Bayis affected.

Now it is true that there have always been attractions to youth and adults that could affect their Yiras Shamayim, yet not to the extent that the internet affords.

Some bloggers have debated whether the new Asifa on May 20 at Citi Field is because of ease to access indecent imagery or because of ease of challenge to rabbinic authority or because of Apikorsus infidelity.

While originally the Rabbonim wanted an outright ban, they have come to realize that is impractical. Years ago, access to the internet was done primarily via a large computer in a central location in one's house, whereas nowadays wifi is available everywhere, and devices that fit in the pocket can access all the above mentioned categories.

So I would not necessarily label this a backtrack. The last decade has seen the proliferation of mobile internet-ready devices, hence a re-thought position is rightfully in order.

With internet available on every corner, the only way we can secure our Yiras Shamayim and Shmiras Einayim is via a filter. Granted that many can be bypassed, but there exists no foolproof method. Educating the populace about safe-surfing is a noble cause indeed.


  1. Thank you for this important point. Years ago (around 2005), I was speaking to Rav Ephraim Wachsman, one of the leaders of the "ban." He said very clearly that the "ban" (a word he intentionally did not use) was on having Internet in the home, and was made for that time. As technology progresses, he said, the Rabbonim would continue to devise new plans to protect the communities.

  2. These are the same people that try to disprove evolution? Why pay attention to idiots?

  3. I see many issues with the theory of evolution. Primarily, it is an explanation to remove God from one's life. If the world and it's inhabitants are victims of happenstance, there is no rhyme or reason to be moral. To say that fish evolved from the water and became land creatures, with breathing apparatus and all, is beyond ridiculous. Just how did they survive the millions of years without oxygen as this change took place? How did eyes know to populate the face and not the feet?

  4. It seems like the rabbis are in between a rock and a hard place. If they call an Asifa, you have blogs that will mock them. If they do nothing, how will they answer to their maker when he asks them if they stood up to the challenges of the day?

    1. They only gloat because of their shallow understanding of Emunas Khakhomim. If it's predicated on infallibility then one gloats and rejoices when a Khokhom concede an error. But infallibility is not what it's all about.

  5. I hope you dont have an agenda here, because your information is completely false.
    "While originally the Rabbonim wanted an outright ban, they have come to realize that is impractical."
    They did have a ban, at this years convention they said the internet is Yehuraig veal havar!
    The fact that years ago the computer was in the DR is a reason to have had filters then. The face today that every device has wifi is the reason that filters today will be of no help!
    Im not following your logic at all. Sorry

  6. Welcome Dovid. Thanks for stopping by.

    1. No agenda.

    2. They did want an outright ban, but there have been "Ishurs" in Lakewood for quite some time already, so they recognized that there can't be a blanket ban.

    3. All computers should have a filter, but having the computer in the DR was sometimes a strong enough deterrent, being that a Yotzei V'Nichnas was usually around.

    4. Ipods can also have K9 installed. See my earlier post.


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