Thursday, June 17, 2010

Legitimate Links Labeled LoshonHora?

Way back, when the idea of a Loshon Hora free blog was just that, I deliberated whether upon opening I should link other blogs or not. While it is a relatively simple task to keep this blog Loshon Hora free, the only way I could influence other blogs to follow suit would be by example.

Yet the other day, of all people, “Korach the Blogger” challenged me for allowing links to blogs that have a more lackadaisical interpretation of these laws.

I am no expert on Loshon Hora, but I believe the concept of Apei Telasa would apply here. Once something is published on the internet, the great web crawlers and archive blogs make it impossible to retract and it will become known anyway.

I can’t ask my Rabbi, as I’d like to keep my anonymity, but if anyone feels comfortable enough to ask their Rav, please do so and post their response in the comments section.


  1. What does that picture have to do with the post?

  2. Ignore Korakh the Blogger. He is an angry, bitter, ornery fellow full of p**s and vinegar. He was having a bad hairless day when he posted that comment.

    I've spoken to him and he deeply regrets the comment. He was just trying to act in character as an obnoxious blogger.

  3. the pic is illustrative of the Khza'l seforim Qedoshim metaphor that trying to repent for LH is like trying to reinsert all the fethares back after you've let them fly.

    My personal troll/ Mashgiakh admonished me to close my own blog soon after Not Brisk closed his painting precisely this word picture.

  4. as I agree with every word that Bray wrote @ 1:45 his statement about me do NOT constitute LH and this is still a LH free zone.

    I'm sorry for that rough comment the other day. It's hard to keep an even keel when one is roasting in hell and Kheder boys the world over demonize me. V'imkha HaSleekha.

  5. Bray, thanks for stopping by. I still can't fathom why you give such a rasha a platform. The Gemara points out that the "hole" is worse than the mouse, since without having refuge to put the stolen goods, the mouse would not steal.

  6. You err my friend. My Blog is not MouseKorakhs hole it is his cat-mouth in which (forgive the mixed metaphor) he is swallowed.

    I give him a platform with enough noose wrapped tightly around his neck from which to jump off and strangle himself.

    His every post humiliates his POV and, by shock of recognition, the POV of all the letz J-Bloggers who echo his hypocritical claims against our contemporary Moshe Rabenus.


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